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Runglawan ; OOAK wig for Pasha pasha girl. This semi updo wig with high braid and long tail and decorated with some jewelries is made specially for a Pasha pasha girl ( 54 cm.) The color is light blond with some dark blond streaks.

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This special braid ponytail wig with embroideries at the end is made for only OOAK. And it is made for fitting only original and Chinese (asian) sculpt of Kingdom doll only. Electra and Athena'd head maybe a little too small.

$120 $120
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This Haute Couture updo wig is made specially for KD Driag. The color is platinum blonde with some violet as streaks. The big bun is decorated with hair pieces, braids and bead embroideries. Hand made embroidery earrings are included with this wig.

$120 $120
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This Haute Couture wig is made as one of a kind for KD size only. Hair materials are saran hair. The main color is platinum white with some dark orange as streaks. The back side also decorated with jewelry and flower. **********Earrings are not included

$130 $130
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Vilailuck ; OOAK wig for Kindom doll. This ooak updo wig is made specially for original face sculpt of KD only ( Electra and Asian's head may a little bit smaller to put on this wig) The color is blond with a little dark blonds as streaks.

$100 $100
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