How to buy and remove item

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How to buy and remove item

How to buy ;

1)   Select product you’d like to buy

2)   Press “ add to cart “ button

3)   After selected all items you’d like to buy please recheck your cart again if any items are not yet come to cart.

4)   If you’d like to buy more item please go to “ continue shopping “

5)   When you you’ve already got all items you want then fill out the mailing address and your telephone number . ( this           part is very important)

6)   Select “ Paypal “ for the payment

7)   Select the shipping type you prefer, we have only 2 types available;

>    Standard shipping (register )

>    EMS shipping

8)   Press “Order now”

9)   If you’re a member please log in before checking out but if you’re not, please select “ guest” before check out


How to remove items ;

If you happen to select the wrong item or any items come double in your cart or you’d like to delete any items from cart, please select “ remove “ button

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