Alonggon Fashion set


SKU : B190923

This Fashion set is made for 1/3 guys like EID, SID from Iplehouse and Dvid Kuncci and Grant Phillipe from Dollshecraft. Anyway, we can make it for another 1/3 big guy from another companies as well. Please let us know after you purchasing. ***(HID. size from Iplehouse is not included)***

Categories : Fashion Large size fashion


*A pants is made from 100% Thai silk.

Alonggon fashion item include = Shirt , Jacket , Pants , Bowtie 

Please kindly let us know what type of doll want the shirt for (e.g. Leonard from Iplehouse , David Kuncci from Dollshecraft, ...etc. ) (HID. size from Iplehouse is not included) every time you place an order or may email us at or leave us a message when  you make a paypal payment
The color of  product on each page may looks slightly different from the real product depends on the quality of your computer monitor.

All products need 30 days in the making process. We will send you the tracking number of shipping after the shipment was done.

**It is not refundable in case of lost for purchasing above $200 and customer insists to use Standard  (Registered) instead of  EMS shipping.**
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