Shipping available

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Shipping available

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by purchasing any items in our website since we cannot ship out normally. As previously mentioned, However, if you still prefer to purchase the item(s) and need a standard or EMS shipping by Thailand Post, we could support your need, but please be aware of a very long wait. You may purchase item you prefer and let us know so we can make it by order. We'll provide shipping as soon as the situation gets to normal.

Please follow the instruction below ;

- Inform item's name and code / quantity / color (as shown or your preference). 

- Doll type / Doll Name and manufacturer.

 - Specify your preference of shipping (Standard or EMS shipping).

 - We'll calculate shipping cost according to your shipping preference and notify you in Proforma invoice.

- Send those purchasing information to or

By ordering via e-mail, you're required to deposit as below ; 

- Purchasing below $50 (including shipping) - $10 deposit

- Purchasing more than $50 but below $100 (including shipping) - $20 deposit

- Purchasing more than $100 (including shipping) - $30 deposit


After receiving your purchasing order by e-mail, we'll proceed below processes to confirm your order ; 

- Issue proforma invoice that shows your order details including shipping cost, and total amount for your reference.

- We'll notify deposit amount via PayPal account.

- After finish your order while international shipping by Thailand Post open normally, we'll notice you the balance of the order and proceed a shipping and notify you a tracking number of the parcel accordingly.

Date and time of shipping

The completed product will be shipped every Mondays - Saturdays from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. We will send you the tracking number of shipping after the shipment was done.

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