Shipping available

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Shipping available

Thailand Post only provides 2 services of air shipping to the USA  which are ;

1. Registered Mail Shipping Services for a package ( fee based on actual weight of the package ).

2. EMS Shipping Service where service fee based on actual weight of the package.

However, both of the services can be traced from the link below;


Dear customers who ordered wigs and outfit from our website, regardless to Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world has effected transportation internationally. Therefore, please be aware of the delayed arrival of your parcels accordingly. Shipping from Thailand has also fallen to this case, we realized that many parcels have been refrained by domestic agents since exporting system has increased their restrictions and causes the delays. Honestly, even domestic transportations in Thailand are also effected and cause the delays from importing our materials. We'll simple example of duration of air shipping which normally takes a few weeks until buyers received their order, but currently, it takes at least 1 month or more to do so. It depends on custom, airlines, as well as all the restriction for your and our safety. On the other hand, it takes us more than a month to receive orders from the US or UK. Please kindly understand the situation that we couldn't control, but be ensured that you'll received your orders, but only slowly than usual.
Date and time of shipping

The completed product will be shipped every Mondays - Saturdays from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. We will send you the tracking number of shipping after the shipment was done.

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