Size Available

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Size Available

Because of the variety of the sizes of the dolls as well as the companies. We could not collect every kinds of the dolls from every  companies.  Therefore, we will make the outfits, wigs, as well as any other accessories of the dolls which are the most popular among the colectors.  So, when you would like to buy any of our products please strongly check the size of each item,  if it is for your doll size or not.  And after you've got what you want please let us know the name of a doll that you need to use with each product. Anyway, in some companies, though the dolls are the same size in height but  doll's head size are different in each generation.  So, please kindly let us know your doll  name / company  everytime you've made an order. You may email us at or  or leave us a message when you make a paypal payment.
Our products are available for the dolls which will be divided as 2  sizes shown below:

1.) Large Size Doll:  BJD (Average Height: 45-72 cms.)

- Iplehouse       E.I.D, S.I.D,  J.I.D, BID, FID

* For - EID male,        we available both superhero and model types
            -  EID woman,    we available both large and medium breasts

- Dollsoom        Supergem, Mega gem,

- Dollshe           David Kuncci, Grant Phillipe, King Corey, Rey Lewis 

- Ringdoll         RGM body 3

- Granado         Only for Evol body  (Mars, Pluto, Neptune)

2.) Middle Size Doll: BJD or Vinyl Doll (Average Height: 15-18 Inc.)
- Supperdoll    (both old & new body)  Sybarite,  Inque, Raja,  V 3, Doku etc.

- Robert Tonner, Tyler,  Matt O’ Neil ,  Superhero, Evergeline

- Kingdom Doll -  original head ( old body), Electra ( smallest head ) and Electra

- Kinsman   -   2 body sizes of Kinsman

- Dollcis   -    Grey, Devon, Ajuma, Inyoka, and 2 males ( black & white )

- Ficon doll  - 3 head sizes of Ficon

- Deva doll    -  Male & female

- Jamieshow    
                Males   -      Alejandro , Lee , Cameron , Tatum, Paris, Carry Grant
                Female -      Mayumi , Angelica , Sabina and Gene

- Winner doll ( ASH )

- Avantguard, FR 16

- RDG  -    Male & female   

- Mr.Chic ( Doll Chic )   -  only fashion & shoes , we can not make wig for him

- Popovy Sister

- Tender Creation  - Old  & new body

- Serenade

- Dollshe ( Fashion size)  -  David Kuncci, Grant Phillipe, King Corey ( 44 cms. ) , Amanda beauty ( 41 cms. )


3.) FID size  from Iplehouse

- Male

- Female

- Raccoon girl  ( Gene ) & Male ( Damine )

- Dollsoom   we have only 51cm.  of  Idealian guy

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